The Alexis de'Tocqueville Society

The Alexis deTocqueville Society is a national United Way recognition for individuals for their giving and voluntary service.

The Alexis deTocqueville Society was created by United Way of America in 1972 for the purpose of recognizing individuals that have given outstanding voluntary service to their local community and nationally. The Society’s aim is to foster and promote voluntary community service and recognize the value of their service to the nation. The first recipient of this honor was Bob Hope.

In 1984, United Way of America began to recognize individuals not only for their voluntary service but also for their giving at the $10,000 level or higher. The Alex deTocqueville Society is named after Alexis deTocqueville a Frenchman who was only 26 when he traveled all over the United States in 1831. He wrote the book Democracy in America based on his observations and study of American society and politics. One of his most important observations was Americans unique willingness to work for the common good and public welfare to help those in need.

There are 13 Alex deTocqueville donors in our community. They are recognized at the national level for their outstanding support of their local community.