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The Agency Resources page is our one-stop shop for non-profit agencies in Allen County, Ohio to access information regarding funding opportunities and to receive additional tools and resources to assist our partners in serving the community. 

The United Way of Greater Lima has a responsibility to distribute donated funds wisely, fairly, and effectively. In order to accomplish this, we have an amazing group of volunteers that review every application that we receive. The volunteers make up two different groups, the Community Impact Cabinet and the Community Review Panels. The members of these two groups are comprised of board members and community representatives that volunteer their time to review and make recommendations to the full board of directors on funding for each application.

Furthermore, to assure continued appropriate use of United Way funding awards, funded programs will submit annual or semi-annual demographic/impact reports. These reports are then reviewed by the volunteers. 

Each of United Way of Greater Lima's four investment mechanisms - Community Partners Grant (Initial and Renewal), Innovation Grant, Small Projects Grant, and Community Initiative Grant have a specific process for funding application, funding renewal, investment oversight and outcome measurement. 

Below you will find grant specific information as well as various resources to assist you in the application process.

Community Partners Grants help individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency. Many programs and partners work together to ensure that the building blocks for a better life (health, education, financial stability) are continuously available to those in need. The Community Partners Grants support the essential services vital to the long-term well-being of our community.

These Grants are funded through the United Way annual campaign with funds invested in a three-year cycle requiring a renewal application annually. Recipients of the Community Partners Grants will be required to submit semi-annual impact reports for continuation of investment. 


Community Partners Grants
Applications, Reports, and Other Information

Community Partners Grants Initial Application - Due March 1, 2023 (Year 1 of a 3 year cycle)

Community Partners Impact Report - Due September 1, 2023

Community Partners Grant Information

Community Partners Grant Application Process

Community Partners Grant Budget Form

Community Innovation Grants provide a means of funding creative and effective programs which will support high priority underserved or unmet needs in our community. The focus of this grant is on new programs, or an enhancement of existing programs developed to address emerging community needs. 

Community Innovation Grants are funded through the Virginia and Jack Crouse Community Fund. Applications are accepted annually, during the same timeframe as the Community Partners Grants. However, Innovation Grants are limited to one year and require an annual report at the end of the funded year. 


Community Innovation Grants
Applications, Reports, and Other Information

Innovation Grants Application - Due March 1, 2023

Innovation Grants Impact Report - Due September 1, 2023 (for funding year 2022-2023)

Innovation Grants Grant Information

Innovation Grants Grant Application Process

Innovation Grants Grant Budget Form

Small Project Grants offer a funding mechanism that is nimble and quick to respond to smaller programs, small projects, or urgent requests that surface outside of the normal three-year funding cycle of our Community Partners Grants. Small Project Grants are not intended as a means for Community Partners to increase funding for currently funded programs. 

Small Projects Grants are funded through the United Way annual campaign and applications are reviewed and considered on a monthly basis. Small Projects Grants are awarded one year at a time and will require annual reporting. 


Small Project Grants
Applications, Reports, and Other Information

Small Project Grants Application

Small Project Grants Impact Report (due one year after funding begins)

Small Project Grants Grant Information

Small Project Grants Grant Application Process

Small Project Grants Grant Budget Form

Community Initiatives Grants offer a funding mechanism for programs or projects that are the result of United Way of Greater Lima’s direct collaboration with one or more community partners. The goal of such collaborations is to establish long-term programs or services to meet public needs. 

Community Initiatives are funded through collective investment with community partners and are considered as the projects are developed. These initiatives are considered long-term projects and agreements to invest are finalized through Memos of Understanding or Contracts. The funding timeline and reporting timeline will be determined in the Memo of Understanding or contract. 

Allen 211

Allen 211 is an information referral service initiative supported by United Way of Greater Lima, Area Agency on Aging 3 and Mental Health & Recovery Services Board of Allen, Auglaize, and Hardin County. Allen 211 is Live, Free, Confidential and available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. 2-1-1 provides callers with information and referrals to social services for every day needs and in times of crisis. 

2-1-1 offers access to multiple types of services. A few, for example, are food, clothing, childcare, mental health services, legal issues, substance abuse, emergency shelter, transportation, utility/rent assistance, veteran services, healthcare, employment, and prescription discounts. Although this lists several areas this is not a comprehensive list as there are a multitude of other services provided. 

When in need of help just call 2-1-1 or visit for more information click here

Interested in seeing how the Allen 211 website is being used? Click here to see more. 

Interested in having your agency listed on the Allen 211 website or forget your username and/or password? Click here for more information 

Interested in what 2-1-1 has done in the past year? Click here for 2022 Allen County Statistics. 

Salary Survey Information

The United Way of Greater Lima is pleased to share with our agency partners the results of the 2021 Salary Survey.

Salary Survey Report 2021